Production/Creative: Stellar Circus


We were approached by Thyssenkrupp-Ferroglobus to create a recruitment film for the biggest job fair in Hungary in 2017.

Our deep interest in new/volumetric filmmaking technics triggered a different approach to the film. We started to research what possibilities 360/VR can offer. Since we only had a few weeks to work with this new and evolving technique, we had to carefully choose the camera rig, post-production software, workflow and most importantly the story that requires a new perspective when shooting in 360.

How to make a corporate work environment exciting? Our approach was to show the company, the people, the different activities and jobs from a documentary point of view. Like watching a Planet Earth episode but instead of the jungle you see the busy workers in their natural habitat, the premises of Thyssenkrupp.

The video shows their everyday life at the company. How they attend meetings, work with big large metal structures, make new deals with clients, work out after a long day or even take part in a company photoshoot for the new Thyssenkrupp calendar. We wanted to cover everything that could be exciting for anyone interested in working at the company. Of course 360/VR technology has its difficulties and challenges as well. Since you can see everything around you, it’s essential to make sure the crew and lights are hidden, so even with a small crew we had to run behind trees, doors, etc. once the ACTION has happened.

An advantage of 360 is that you have the chance to use a massive amount of space around you. This is how we built the story around the location. There is action anywhere you look, sometimes even under you. The narrator’s voice was crucial for this purpose as it helps the viewer and giving hints where they should look. We hired Gyula Szersen, Hungarian voice of David Attenborough of the currently running Planet Earth II to have the definite documentary feel for the story. It was essential to use spatial sound technology to have a proper 360 experience, which meant a special task for our sound designer.

For post-production we were well prepared. Retouching tripods, drones or stabilising the 360 footage went seamlessly. For the comfort of the viewers, we’ve created a 3D intro animation to suggest that they are in a virtual space from now on.

The final installation at the HVG Job Fair 2017 was a great hit. People were queueing to take part in the 360 experience. A massive and minimal-looking swivel chair, the headset, and a set of headphones were everything we needed for the presentation. As a result, Thyssenkrupp-Ferroglobus had 400 interviewees on the spot.

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