My Louise is a small, family owned workshop of handmade bags. We were approached with a request to create their first visual campaign (video and photography) for the launch of their website and webshop. The owners of the brand had some keywords in mind such as: flowers, spring, hand made, and their brand consultant suggested to use stop motion. Apart from that we were given full creative freedom.

To maximise our productivity we found an original solution which combines visual techniques, only requires one day of shooting and showcases more than 20 bags. We came up with the idea of a stop motion video with a neutral background plus 2D animated elements, and one character gradually changing from young to mature as the bags swap in her hands.

Created by – Terez Koncz & Tamas Olajos
Executive Producer – Zoltan Jakab
Animation – Maxime Bigot
Logo design – Zoltan Jakab
Music – Hérisson
Model – Szintia Bakos
Hair and make-up – Laszlo Pasztor
Styling – Otto Horvath
Studio – Wolf Art Work

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